Armel Dupas

Armel Dupas by Alexander Balakin 1French pianist Armel Dupas isn’t your average jazz musician.

A graduate of the National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris’ jazz and improvised music program, Dupas cut his teeth in the French jazz scene in night clubs and the like performing and recording with fellow students and professors before the formation of electronic jazz duo WaterBabies with drummer Corentin Rio in 2013.

A gifted composer, arranger, and ensemble player, years of composing film soundtracks for Christophe Honoré, Arnaud Desplechin, and Michel Gondry as well as performing and recording piano in a variety of projects, led to the eventual release of his debut full length album Upriver – a solo instrumental album that blends the boundaries between jazz and classical; electronic and acoustic sounds.

Whereas WaterBabies saw the emergence of Dupas’ electronic-tinged style, Upriver saw the further elaboration of Dupas’ fusion of digital and organic with his light, free-flowing melodies and touring behind his solo debut resulted into the formation of the Armel Dupas Trio and subsequent writing and recording of his most recent album A Night Walk with touring bandmates drummer Mathieu Penot and bassist Kenny Ruby.

On A Night Walk, Dupas adds another dimension to his recorded output as he essentially combines his background in film composition, his increasingly hard-to-pin-down signature style with multi-instrumentalists Penot and Ruby’s skills both on drums, bass, as fellow keyboardists, and as synth programmers.

The result is a work of musical world-building with a cinematic grandeur from its moments of quiet introspection to its prog rock fueled flights of fancy.

After both LP Upriver and A Night Walk, his two first solo albums with electro-jazz accents, and besides collaborations with filmmakers Michel Gondry, Arnaud Desplechin and Christophe Honoré, the pianist Armel Dupas goes back to the nude beauty of piano solo in Broderies.

This new opus lies down a neo-classical foundation, inspired par masters Debussy and Satie.

Broderies’ listener travels through cinematographic landscapes gathering alternately childhood nostalgia, promise for the future, charm of a suspended moment. Manifesto leading to the essential, we are deeply touched by the sensitivity of the pianist playing. The eleven short tracks were recorded by the young label Stereodisque on the Armel childhood piano. He entrusted Lisa Cat-Berro to compose it. The musician and composer wrote an album made for him, deeply forged by their friendship and guided by her taste for cristal clear melodies.

After his numerous collaborations next to Sandra Nkaké, Henri Texier or David Linx, Armel Dupas is looking forward standing solo before his audience to introduce his new album during a concert at Studio Ermitage on the 26 march 2019.

Για το σεμινάριο..

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Το σεμινάριο απευθύνεται σε ΟΛΟΥΣ τους μουσικούς, θα είναι διαδραστικό και θα διεξαχθεί στα αγγλικά. Μαθητές όλων των οργάνων μπορούν να παρουσιάσουν ένα κομμάτι της αρεσκείας τους και μέσω αυτού να επεξεργαστούν το ρόλο τους και την εκφραστική παρουσία τους στη μουσική.
Μετά το σεμινάριο θα έχουμε την ευκαιρία ν’ακούσουμε ζωντανά τον Γάλλο πιανίστα μαζί με τον
Peter Salchev στο τραγούδι.

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