Ari Hoening

Ari HoeningAri Hoenig (born on November 13, 1973 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), is a jazz drummer, composer and educator known for his unusual and intense approach to drumming emphasizing complex rhythms in direct harmony with other group members.
Ari is widely noted particularly for his drumming not being relegated to just keeping tempo, or being a side issue to the music he plays in, but rather for elevating drumming as an indispensable part of the performance.

Hoenig is also known for his unique ability to modify the pitch of a drum by using drum sticks, mallets, and even parts of his body (such as his hands and elbows). Using this technique, he can play any note in the chromatic scale, virtually any melody, and even improvise on a chord structure in the same way as any other instrumentalist would.

Hoenig was born into a family of classically trained musicians. His father being a choral conductor and mother a violinist, he was exposed to classical and folk music at an early age. He played both piano and violin as a child, then rock and metal drums as a teen before settling into jazz and improvised music.

Ari has recorded written and produced 12 cd’s as a leader. He has written and published 3 educational books, 4 educational DVD’s and a songbook.
Currently, his group Ari Hoenig tours worldwide and performs weekly at the legendary New York jazz club Smalls.
Furthermore Ari is also the co-leader of Pilc, Moutin, Hoenig, together with his long time musical partners. Other artists Hoenig has performed or recorded with include Shirley Scott, Jean Michel Pilc, Mike Stern, Kenny Werner, Joshua Redman, Wayne Krantz, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Richard Bona, Chris Potter, Toots Thielemans, Pat Martino, Billy Childs.

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Για το masterclass:

Ένα masterclass στη ρυθμολογία για όλα τα όργανα.

Ο Ari Hoening σας προτείνει τρόπους για να εξελίξετε το ρυθμικό σας λεξιλόγιο, με ρυθμικά σχήματα (groupings), πολυρυθμούς, μετρικές μετατροπίες, ρυθμικές μετατοπίσεις κ.ά
Το masterclass αυτό απευθύνεται σε όλους τους μουσικούς που επιθυμούν να θέσουν γερές βάσεις στο ρυθμό.
Εάν λοιπόν επιθυμείτε να γίνετε πιο δημιουργικοί στον τρόπο που αυτοσχεδιάζετε και να αποκτήσετε σταθερότητα στο παίξιμό σας χωρίς να χάνεστε στις μετατροπίες του μέτρου, τότε αυτό το masterclass είναι κατάλληλο για σας!

A masterclass for all instruments about rhythm training.

How to develop your rhythmic vocabulary with groupings, polyrhythms, metric modulation, displacements and more.
This masterclass is catered to all musicians who would like to develop a solid rhythmic foundation.
So, if you want to get more creative with your improvisations, become a more solid player and/or avoid getting lost during metric modulations, this is for you!

Το masterclass θα γίνει στο DUENDE JAZZ BAR (Καλαποθάκη 16)

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